Things you should not do when you are in Rome

to do not to do

1. Don´t buy fakes by the street traders, you can be fined.
2. Ask before you take the photo with the gladiator, if you want the photo, you have to pay.
3. If you take the taxi, wait for the cars that have a licence, otherwise you risk that the drivers make you pay more money.
4. Avoid the restaurants in touristic areas, the price and the quality of food can be a bad surprise for you.
5. Attention at the stalls that sell everything, they have higher prices.
6. Don´t enter into the churches, especially in Vatican, with the clothes that show your shoulders or legs.
7. Don´t throw money in any fountain that you see, only in Trevi Fountain.
8. Don´t book the accommodation in a hotel in the perifery of Rome or far away from the centre if you don´t want to spend a lot of money for public transport.
9. Don´t buy the water in bottles, Rome is full of public fountains with fresh and potable water.
10. Don´t stay near the monuments when having a snack otherwise you can be fined.


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