Visiting Rome by Bike

To discover Rome by bike is one of many possibilities that the capital has to offer. Definitely being able to come from one monument to another from one area to another on two wheels is a privilege that increases the interest for the discovery of the charm of the Eternal City.

Between Campidoglio and the Colosseum it’s possible to bike when Fori Imperiali are closed to the traffic, so you can admire the historical remains of the Roman civilization with the big arena that crowns the horizon. The bike lets you also cycle down the cycling route on Lungotevere near the water of Tiber. A lot of itineraries go down the waters, one of them is ending on the seaside in Ostia.

Some of the Roman parks also offer the possibility of being visited by bike, first of them is Villa Borghese, inside which you can admire the Galleria Borghese and the Museum of Carlo Bilotti. There is also a possibility of renting a bike in the parks or the tandems. There is also a possibility of participating in private tours offered by agencies. In this case there is always a private guide to your disposition that will illustrate you the historic and artistic beauty of the city.

During the festive days, included Saturdays, it’s possible to take your bicycle on the metro A, B and C, in this way you can reach distant places of the city easily.


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