Visiting Rome by foot

Visiting Rome by foot? You can! It’s not something crazy if you love taking strolls or you just simply do not want to take public transport. Try visiting Rome by foot.

Visiting Rome by foot is a simple, free and healthy way to admire it in its full beauty.

Obviously you will need some planning.

It’s always good to have a bus ticket in your pocket in case of problems like bad weather, and it’s good to know the operating hours of the public transport. It’s good to have comfortable shoes, a digital camera to take marvellous photos and a tourist map with the monuments (which you can download from the Internet). It’s also good to organize your trip a little earlier and to mark your itinerary. It’s good to inform yourself about good dining places so you can halt a little bit and rest while eating.

Rome is an amazing city and also perfect to visit it by foot because you can really admire the Roman life and monuments that you will find on every corner.


An example of an itinerary of a day in Rome by foot?

Start from Pantheon, in Piazza della Rotonda, where you can admire the dome and majestic architecture.

From Pantheon we go to Via del Seminario and reach Via del Corso, going up the street you can visit the church of S. Maria del Popolo and so said “sister churches”.

From Piazza del Popolo you can go to via Cola di Rienzo, arriving at the intersection with via Tibullo to then walk long Via della Conciliazione and reach St. Peter’s basilica. Near it you can see the church S. Maria della Vittoria.

From there you can reach Castel S. Angelo and stroll through a magnificent bridge full of angels sculpted by Bernini.

Now you can go to Piazza Navona where you can admire the Fountain of the Four Rivers.


Or you can opt for a different itinerary, starting from Piazza Venezia where you can see Altare della Patria and Palazzo Venezia, then you can reach the church of Ara Coeli and the Campidoglio. You continue by going in via della Consolazione and via del Foro Romano.  There you arrive to San Teodoro where you can visit the church of San Giorio al Velabro and Arco degli Argentari. From here you proceed to Bocca della Verità, which is situated in the portic of the church Santa Maria in Cosmedin. From here you can visit the temples of Foro Boario: Tempio della Fortuna Virile and Tempio di Ercole.

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